The Indian language

Indian language is written in Roman script and it has a grammar, syntax and a vocabulary same as that of Malayalam. In reality Indian and Malayalam are two parallel written forms of the same spoken language of Kerala. The main difference between Indian and Malayalam are the script and the selection of vocabulary. The Indian language uses Roman script while Malayalam uses Aryan script. The selection of vocabulary is also different for Indian language. In Malayalam the Sanskrit vocabulary is largely used while in Indian, words borrowed from other languages like Sanskrit, Persian, English, etc are used only when a native word with same meaning does not exist. For example, the words ‘paribhasha’, ‘vivarthanam’ or ‘tharjjama’ are not used in Indian language for ‘Translation’ because a native word ‘mozhimáttam’of same meaning exists.

History of Indian Language

When the first crusade strarted, a no. of Nazrani warriors went to the Mediterranean regions to fight against Turks. The language they were speaking was called by the Europeans as Indian because they knew only these people as Indians and they thought that this is the spoken language of the whole India.(Just like the Persian thought the Khariboli language spoke in and around Delhi as the language of all indians and called it as Hindustani or Hindi).The Malabar crusaders(Nazranis) learned Roman alphabet from there European collegues and used it to write there own language.